Politics and Human Global Warming

Human Global Warming has become the main topic of daily news for people in Britain in 2007. The whole issue has being abused by politics. Human Global Warming has become a cult, even a religion with its own armageddon final chapter. Many thousands of people now have jobs because of human global warming. Journalists are constantly writing and talking about it in the media. Governments are paying bureaucrats to make the most from human global warming. Scientists find the only way to get funding is to make a study relating to human global warming, even if its not their field of interest.

Scientists have had their names included in documents that purport to be official scientific studies on human global warming. Most of these documents have been edited by bureaucrats and the science either removed or distorted in such a way that only one overiding view of human global warming is available to be released to the media. Some leading climatalogists have had legal battles to have their names removed from the credits after they found out that their scientific findings were edited beyond recognition.

Perhaps the leading organisation behind human global warming is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC obviously is funded by taxation and produces documents on how to store or even capture CO2 from the atmosphere and lock it away from the carbon cycle. The information presented on their website is very out of date. All the statistics and graphs were released before 2002 and only use recent data to distort the statistics to the maximum. Its impossible to see any statistics that go beyond 1000 years in time.

This graph uses data from as far back as 1000AD. This was the beginning of a warm period after the Dark Ages and lasted till about 1400 when the earth did go significantly colder for the next 450 years and has since then been recovering from that 1400 dip. Note this graph purports that temperature was almost stable until the 20th century. This graph is clearly incorrect and then look at the ludicrous projections of doom after the red line ends in 2001. Even if you believe anything this graph tells you about global temperatures you will notice the red line ends at just over 0.0 on the graph, so even this graph is telling you we are only very slightly warmer than average.

Governments and politicians are jumping on the human global warming band wagon. The term Carbon Footprint has appeared in our newspapers and on our televisions. This a method of guessing what your carbon output is per activity. Cars and Planes seem to be the easiest targets, even though their carbon emissions do absolulty no damage to the environment. Equating the carbon footprint of an activity, such as a flight between London and New York is a way of justifying new taxation. Politicians are telling the public they have to drive and fly less or face higher taxation. Political Human Global Warming is driven by the fear the the climate is changing because of carbon emissions. Science tells us that carbon plays practically no part in global temperature changes. Pumping CO2 into the atmosphere is actually the greener, more environmentally friendly thing to do.

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